Structural Engineering

A two story commercial building in the background. In front of the building is a truck on the left and a tree to the right. In the foreground is a road

GDC Consultants Ltd have experienced engineers who offer advanced Structural Engineering services. These engineers have experience in both Civil & Structural Engineering Design, with projects in New Zealand and overseas.

Civil & Structural Engineering Services

  • Structural Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Bridge Design - anything from small cattle bridges to large highway bridges and overpasses
  • Beam Design - especially for sheds and industrial buildings.

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We are able to maintain the GDC Consultants Ltd reputation because we invest in training & developing our engineers. Consequently, GDC Consultants Ltd have established a team of Chartered Professional Engineers who manage the Structural Engineering aspects. Furthermore, they can offer quality services and design solutions. Communication is key to client relationships and completing projects on time and within budget. In addition to this, we ensure that our team work closely with clients, Architects, Builders and Suppliers & stay up to date with the industry and relevant policies.

As an ISO9001:2015 accredited firm, GDC Consultants Ltd work closely with local and central Government Agencies. This is important to ensure our policies and guidelines are always up to date with the national and regional standard. GDC Consultants Ltd have built close relationships with a range of Regional and City Council to work on a number of projects throughout New Zealand.