Seismic Engineering

A three level building with ground level building attachments on the left and right side of the three level building. The building is called the rotorua museum

Seismic Engineering & Assessments are one of the forefront areas for engineering in New Zealand due to recent seismic movement. Our engineers are experienced in seismic assessments and can work with you to find the right assessment to fit your structure.

At GDC we undertake Initial Seismic Assessments and Detailed Seismic Assessments for a range of structures from residential, commercial & industrial. These assessments are able to show what percentage the building fits the current New Building Standard (NBS), as shown by an NBS% number.

From these Seismic Engineering assessments, our expert engineers are able to develop Retrofit Design plans to make the building more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. These are mainly structural improvement to the core of the building to increase strengthening and give a higher NBS%.