Geotechnical Engineering

We Specialise in geotechnical engineering & reporting

Geotechnical assessments, or soil testing is the task of evaluation the characteristics of the ground and soil. Geotechnical testing is important before any structure is built on the land

Our service is available for any location from residential , commercial or industrial scale , In NZ or Overseas. Our qualified expert engineers will undertake the soil tests which may include surface exploration and subsurface exploration of a site. The subsurface exploration involved usually involves soil sampling and laboratory testing of the soil samples retrieved.

As a reputed leader in engineering, We are often asked to push the essential skills and service of designing buildings and infrastructures in the ground. Wherever resilient ground conditions and constraints define ground conditions, We provide strong and advanced solutions with other professionals in the industry

Geotechnical Assessment for a new residential dwelling, Hamilton

Similar Services

Geotechnical Engineering is often combined with our Wastewater and Stormwater assessments and modelling. This is relevant for all new residential homes. Talk to us today and we can combine these services for your convenience.

Contamination Assessments are also closely involved with Geotechnical Engineering to understand if the site is contaminated and what steps are necessary to remedy this.

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