GDC Consultants Ltd Internship News – Stijn Sannen

GDC Consultants Ltd Internship News – Stijn Sannen

GDC Consultants Ltd Internship with Stijn Sannen

Let’s introduce myself (even voorstellen)

I shall start with introducing myself, I am Stijn Sannen, 20 years old and originally from the Netherlands. I am currently doing an internship with a duration of 5 months at GDC Consultants Ltd. During my time with GDC, I have been working on Geotechnical, Stormwater and Wastewater reports. I like the way GDC treats me and I feel like I am part of the team. I get the chance to do testing outside all over the North Island (with some sightseeing opportunities).

My GDC Consultants Ltd Internship involves me working in their Head office in Hamilton. I can proudly say that I have learned a lot already which will be of some great value in the nearby future. In the Netherlands I am studying Building Engineering and had the opportunity for an overseas internship. One of the reasons that I wanted to go to New Zealand is to compare the different kind of techniques used over here compared with what I have learned in the Netherlands.

Furthermore, the other reason, as everyone can imagine, is that I want to see some of New Zealand’s most beautiful nature and scenery. In the weekends I have undertaken a lot of trips already and my hard disk is getting fuller by the week with the most awesome photos.

A GDC Consultants Ltd visit to Mt TaranakiPhoto of beautiful sunset over the ocean

Now I am writing this report as I just came back from a weekend to New Plymouth and Mount Taranaki. A trip that wouldn’t be possible without GDC Consultants Ltd as I was allowed to take one of the company cars with me. Thanks a lot for this opportunity, I wouldn’t have missed it. As you can see on the pictures below I had a lot of fun and took some great pictures.

For me it is back to work now where I have another 3 weeks of my GDC Consultants Ltd Internship left, before I unfortunately have to leave New Zealand and GDC Consultants Ltd. Thanks for the great experience until now!

A car in the foreground, with a paddock behind the car, and a mount taranaki with snow on top in the background

Photo of Stijn infront of Mt Taranaki with snow on his GDC Consultants Ltd Internship


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